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Welcome to eXtremeGamerz

Please excuse the mess, as we're just beginning construction…

Now you may ask youself, what is eXtremeGamerz? We are a global gaming community. We're not a clan, not a guild, we're not all hardcore gamers, but we all share one common thing. It doesn't matter if you're shooting bad guys, racing, playing strategy games, doing WoW raids, and everything in-between, we enjoy playing games. Building on that is what this site is all about.

This site was started out as a passion and a dream of mine, to have a common ground for gamers of all descents and background to come together. To touch on subjects and combine them with numerous other features, something no other site has done before. There are no requirements for joining, but there are many benefits. You can start your own sub-division with team control and community section, meanwhile still being part of the party. Challenge other teams for top spots and bragging rights.

Once the main features of this site start to become live, this front page will become your information hub. Information on upcomming challenges, team updates, replies to topics that you are active in and many more.

This pig is hungry. Please feed him before the end of the month…